Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Birthday Weekend

We had two toddler birthday parties to go to this weekend. Saturday, Abby's godparents daughter Shelby had her second birthday. Unfortunately, Crabigail showed her face badly on Saturday, so Abby and I had to sit that one out. Heather took Olivia and had a good time, in spite of getting rained on and being chilly.

Sunday, my friend's Joseph and Julie's daughter Brenna had her third birthday. Joe, Julie and Brenna just moved back to St. Louis from Mississippi, and this was the first time Abby and Brenna met. Both girls seemed shy, but they appeared to get along. This is good, since Abby can be quite anti-social. We hope that Brenna and Abby can get be close friends, now that we should see her more often.

After dinner tonight, I took the girls out back to play in the sandbox while Heather went and bought us all ice cream from Ginny's. Abby had a blast, and the fresh air knocked Olivia out. It was a great end to a nice weekend.

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