Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Birthday Weekend

We had two toddler birthday parties to go to this weekend. Saturday, Abby's godparents daughter Shelby had her second birthday. Unfortunately, Crabigail showed her face badly on Saturday, so Abby and I had to sit that one out. Heather took Olivia and had a good time, in spite of getting rained on and being chilly.

Sunday, my friend's Joseph and Julie's daughter Brenna had her third birthday. Joe, Julie and Brenna just moved back to St. Louis from Mississippi, and this was the first time Abby and Brenna met. Both girls seemed shy, but they appeared to get along. This is good, since Abby can be quite anti-social. We hope that Brenna and Abby can get be close friends, now that we should see her more often.

After dinner tonight, I took the girls out back to play in the sandbox while Heather went and bought us all ice cream from Ginny's. Abby had a blast, and the fresh air knocked Olivia out. It was a great end to a nice weekend.

Putting Goals in Writing

I read somewhere that in order to better achieve goals, it's best to publicly announce them. I've been wanting to take up running again seriously since Abby's been born (yeah, THAT long.) So, tomorrow, inspired by a coworker, I'm recommitting myself to the Couch-to-5K running challenge. I've attempted this before since Abby's been born, with varying degrees of success, so hopefully this announcement will help keep me on track.

I'll keep this website updated on my progress.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Thought Having Heather Stay Home with the Kids Would Help Them....Learn

For those of you who don't know, Heather can sleep. She's a sleep expert. She can sleep anywhere at anytime. She's fallen asleep sitting up in school, at stoplights, driving down the down the double nickle. So you'd think she'd show our daughter the proper way to sleep. :)

From Abigail Lynn Rhoads

Update: Heather said I forgot the time she fell asleep standing up at the art museum. And after posting this, maybe Abby falling asleep under the bed makes perfect sense after all.

I used to think Twitter was pointless

Then I found this

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to Block Facebook Polls and Quizzes

Feel like you have to have the Facebook to keep up with your friends, but really couldn't give a shit about what type of doughnut they are?

Sure, you could go in one by one and block all of the quizzes and polls you don't want to see. But that's a lot of work (especially if you have some of the same friends I do).

For an easy way to block all these quizzes and polls, grab yourself the greasemonkey extension for Firefox (you are using Firefox, right?) Then, restart Firefox and get yourself the Facebook Purity script. Restart, or reload, Facebook, and all those bothersome apps are blocked automagically.

If for some odd reason you feel like torturing yourself, you'll see a little link on Facebook at the top right hand side of the page. It will say:
FB Purity blocked: 3 app msgs [ Show ]
If you really, really need to know what boy band some girl you barely remember from highschool is, just hit the show link and all of the quizzes/polls show back up. Hit it again and you have unbothered bliss.